Freycinet Peninsula

The final adventure of this trip is the 3 day hike around Freycinet Peninsula, taking in breathtaking views of Wineglass bay and enjoying the crystal clear water of Hazards beach. But before starting the hike, we spend the morning exploring the St Helens region, rock-hopping at Binalong Bay, swimming at Sloop Reef and walking along Swimcart Beach.

By the time we start hiking, its already 4pm, but the first day is a fairly flat 14km as we follow the water on the inside of the bay.

As we come to Hazard's beach, we take the first photo with all 4 of us on the trip (yes, that is Matt far ahead in the distance).

Just as we think the walk along the beach is far too pleasant, of course the clouds roll in. Strangely it seems there is no rain behind us or in front of us, and it's just our own personal raincloud.

The second beach we come to is Cooks Beach, but before we reach the campsite we come across a massive eagle ray, at least 1m across. It was so close to the rocks that we could get quite close to it without scaring it off.

Once we reach Cooks Corner it's time to set up camp just off the beach, where we check out a nearby creepy hut and enjoy one of Nick's famous dehydrated delicacies.

After a well earned sleep it's on to day 2 of the hike which takes us up and over the namesake mountain range of Freycinet Peninsula. This is no easy day with 976 vertical metres of ascent over 15km as we summit both Mount Freycinet and Mount Graham.

Naturally just as we summit Mount Freycinet the weather turns and cloud cover ruins what should have been a spectacular view. Thankfully the sky had cleared up for Mount Graham as we look down over Wineglass bay, which will be our campsite for tonight.

Upon reaching Wineglass bay, we set up camp and head straight into the water. 

After a quick dip we relax and eat on the beach as the sun slowly sets, before rock-hopping around to the eastern tip of the bay.

And take the money shot.

The 3rd day of the hike is a short 5km walk out back to the carpark, through the well worn touristy area of the Wineglass Bay lookout.

After a nice hot shower we head back to Launceston where it all began, and meet some friends for a pub dinner as we tell the tales of our adventures.

It's been 12 days, 8 activities, 700 photos, 5 hours of GoPro footage, 3 great friends and 1 pair of broken sunglasses. As I sit on the plane writing the first draft of this blog post, I reminisce about how great it is to be travelling again, as I ponder what chapter I'll be writing next in David's Adventures.