A quick dip in Lake Argyle

We arrive at Lake Argyle to a pleasant breeze across the calm water and a view to die for. After checking in we set up camp and head straight to the pool, desperate for a swim in a body of water NOT inhabited by crocodiles.

The infinity edge pool at the Lake Argyle resort is lovely and we are soon feeling fresh and relaxed, but one does not simply leave such a pool without taking a hair flick photo.

After a quick discussion we decide to spend the afternoon on the boat tour around the lake, partially because it’s a great way to see the lake, the wildlife and the surrounding rock formations, but mostly because it includes a swimming stop where we can jump from the roof of the boat into the water.

Needless to say the cruise is amazing, made all the better by our fantastic host Tracey and the fact that there are only 7 of us on the boat built for 60! After a few jumps in from the roof, it’s time for the beers which are also included. Given the small tour size, Tracey suggests throwing beers and catching them on the way into the water, which of course we jump at (lol, sorry).

Cheers for both the idea and the beers Tracey, as this ends up being a killer way to spend the hot afternoon.

Of course this lake does contain crocodiles, she tells us AFTER we’ve been swimming, but only freshwater ones. It is a huge lake, but they estimate there are about 30,000 freshwater crocs in total so I guess I can now tick “go swimming with 30k crocodiles” off my bucket list…

After a fun filled afternoon, and as many beers as we could catch, it was back to the resort as the sun went down. The evening was spent in the common area at reception, making use of the free WiFi and comfy seats to catch up my blog and Doug’s journal writing. For a side trip we took on a whim, it couldn’t have been better, and it was a great chance to relax and unwind after a handful of busy days.