Keep (Out) River

After an eventful night in Jasper Gorge, we were looking forward to an enjoyable day of hiking and camping in the Keep River National Park, still in NT but right on the border with WA. On our way we stop off at Policeman’s Lookout, a short drive off the highway near Timber Creek.

The view at the end of the sealed road is worth a look, but with a dirt road continuing to climb up higher we can’t help but check it out. The dirt road becomes a 4WD track at the top with a steep climb to the top, but what’s a road-trip without a little light off-roading, amirite?

Our next stop off the highway is at Gregory’s Boab, a boab tree famous for being the base of Gregory’s expeditions to explore the Kimberley, complete with historic date carvings.

From here it was on to Keep River National Park, however once we arrive we find that once again it has been mostly closed for the wet season. We talk to the Park Ranger and get all the info but unfortunately there’s no way around it, camping is out of the question and even the walks we wanted to do are off limits.

The only walk available is the short 200m up Ginger’s Hill, so we check it out, enjoy the view and then move on.

With Keep River closed for camping we need somewhere else to stay tonight, so we check the map book and decide on a side trip into Lake Argyle, however there is one snag. Lake Argyle involves crossing the border into WA, which we can’t take fruit or vegetables into due to quarantine. We had expected to be able to cook up the remainder of our vegetables and eat our fruit over the next 24 hours, but now that plans had changed it was now or never, so lunch today consisted of 4 mangoes and half a bag of carrots… each.

Needless to say this came back to bite us with a slight stomach ache a few hours later, however for now we were satisfied and glad to not have to throw away too much perfectly good food.

Next stop Lake Argyle!