Miriam's Grotto

After a relaxing night at Lake Argyle, it was time to get back to our busy schedule. The first stop today is Mirima National Park, which my phone continuously auto-corrects to Miriam, just outside of Kununurra. This stop was suggested to us by the good park ranger of Keep River National Park as an alternate stop given the closures.

This national park is small but lovely, with rock formations described as being similar to the Bungle Bungles. We take a few walks around this “hidden valley” including some steps up and over the rocks to lookouts.

One of my favourite walks allows us to get up close and personal with the rock walls as we take the Demboong Banan trail.

After Miriam’s Mirima, we resupply at Kununurra and head out to a swimming hole near the Gibbs River Road, known as The Grotto.


We initially have trouble finding the start of the 144 steps which lead down to the deep waterhole and waterfall, but once we do it is only a short walk in to one of the most beautiful swimming spots we’ve seen on this trip.

The location is well set up with a few ropes hanging from trees, perfect for climbing, swinging, jumping and of course- 360 GoPro’ing.

From here the next stop is the Bungle Bungles, but unfortunately this turns out to be closed for the wet season. Good thing we stopped in at Mirima NP on the way! Next stop, the Tanami Desert.