The Triple Adventure

As I sit here in the Sydney Airport food court, I am filled with a feeling of euphoria. It's just after 1pm on a beautiful sunny day in Sydney as it finally hits me that this adventure is finally beginning. Actually, these adventures to be precise.

For the next 5 weeks I have no work, no deadlines and no responsibilities, it's just me and the open road*. It seems like an eternity since I last saw Doug, my Canadian stunt double, as we've been trying for the last 2 years to organise another trip together. But that's not even the start of today's adventure, or as it happens, the end.

(*where I'm going I don't need...roads)

Today marks the start of a series of (fortunate) events, the tri-fecta, 3 holidays in a row, each more different than the last, the Triple Adventure. First stop is Cairns, where I'll be spending 4 days on a liveaboard boat traversing the Ribbon Reefs off Far North Queensland. I've been scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef before, but this trip is a little different in that we'll be hitting up well known Dwarf Minke whale hotspots with the hope of swimming with these gentle giants.

The second adventure is the Canada trip, where I'll be on a Contiki tour around British Columbia and Alberta before settling back in Vancouver to catch up with Doug, do some climbing and hiking, and take in the sights and sounds of the city. My Canadian adventure ends with a 5 day kayak camping trip with Doug as my guide around the pristine waters of Desolation Sound.

Meanwhile back in Australia the snow season is underway, as I arrive home to catch the last week of winter down in Thredbo. With barely more than 24 hours back in the country we start the drive down to the Snowy Mountains (my favourite place on earth) where I join the Ellis clan (+ extras) at a cosy lodge in Thredbo Village for 6 days of snowboarding.

Thankfully the 3 adventures are entirely different, requiring different clothing, different equipment and even different types of bag. So with 3 separate bags packed, a good night's sleep, and a quick coffee catchup/farewell at the prettiest building in the city, here I am at the airport.

Let the Triple Adventure, begin!