With the last year being a constant stream of cancelled trips and failed dreams, its nice to finally have a success story! Today we are back on a plane, for the first time in what feels like decades, and headed to Darwin to visit some family we haven't seen in an equally long time. I'm not going to lie, wearing a mask for 5 hours isn't exactly pleasant, but hey- it got us there!

After a few days relaxing in Darwin, we borrowed a car and headed south- where our real adventure begins. We are headed to Katherine Gorge, somewhere I was near but didn't go to on my great aussie roadtrip, but first stop on the way there is Litchfield National Park.

Once we entered the park from the north end, the first 2 stops at Bamboo Creek Tin Mine and Walker Creek were closed due to croc proximity, so not off to a great start, but thankfully we could still go for our planned walk to Upper Cascade and take the obligatory photo at Wangi falls.

After a few hours of walking around bodies of water we can't swim in, we were both very happy to arrive at Buley rockholes, where we can. These natural plunge pools have fast flowing, crystal clear water and abundant wildlife- but thankfully no crocs. We were more than happy to share our rock seats with a passing water dragon while we laid back and enjoyed the water.

Our final stop in Litchfield NP was at the nearby Florence Falls, another location where it is safe to swim. This location turned out to be the favourite, with a rocky creek to play in, a large body of water around the falls to swim in and a submerged rock in the middle which you can stand on to enjoy the view. We took our time here as we saw others come and go, until it reached the time we had to leave in order to still make it to Katherine tonight. That, and the GoPro battery was just about dead by this point. What a day!

Tomorrow the trip continues.... to Katherine Gorge-ous.