The Overland Track - Day 6

On day 6 I wake up to a lovely sight, Naomi has brought Nick & I coffee in bed as we are the last 2 in our room to wake up. It’s 7.15am but seems like only a moment ago that I first woke up and checked my watch at 6.30am. After our final breakfast, Pina Colada themed oats, we pack our bags one last time and start the final day’s walk.

It’s an easy decent down to Narcissus hut and the ferry wharf. We catch the ferry across Lake St Clair to the Visitor Centre where a hot shower and the bus home awaits.

About 10 minutes into the trip I check my phone to discover that Strava has recorded 0.0km travelled since the hut. That’s odd. I check another GPS app and it can’t get a fix on my location, so I restart my phone. Same thing. I get Matt to check his phone and it seems GPS is down. Nick suggests that perhaps civilisation has fallen. I’m sure there is another explanation. Thankfully within 30 minutes GPS started working again and Strava could continue to track our progress.

We walk in silence as it kind of hits us all at once that this is the last day. It’s been an amazing 6 days of hiking and we are surprisingly relaxed. There have been no injuries, no arguments, no one hating life or complaining and in fact none of us are even missing a hot shower (probably due to the many opportunities to swim along the way). Nick asked me what food I want when I’m back, as in what I missed the most, but honestly we ate really great home cooked and dehydrated meals on this hike, so my only answer is “a nice cold beer”.

As we approach Narcissus hut we see another echidna and manage to get quite close without disturbing it.

Once we pass Narcissus hut and get to the ferry wharf, it’s time for our final swim in the freezing, but refreshing, water of Lake St Clair.

We hiked a total of 105km over 6 days and have seen a beautiful and unique part of the country. I’ve taken over 1000 photos, many hours of GoPro footage and created countless memories with great friends that I’ll never forget.

Now, it’s time for that beer.