Lima- the great reunion

We land in Lima, Peru and as we enter customs for our third country of the day, the excitement builds as this is where we meet up with Doug and make our crew of Dave, Dory and Doug complete. We check into our hostel Alpes Lima Kennedy Park and find a random Canadian in our room, Doug and David are reunited once more!

After a quick tour around our super cute hostel, it’s straight to the rooftop bar for our complimentary shot of pisco and time in the hot tub. During our time in the hot tub, we share a few beers, a few stories and a few big hugs as we reminisce about past adventures and get super excited for the ones coming up. 

As Peru is known for its food we have some beautiful fresh ceviche for dinner and a well earned night's sleep before our 6:45 am pick up for the Peru Hop bus.

Our first stop on the Peru Hop bus of destiny is at a small restaurant in the middle of the desert for breakfast. To say Peru is mostly full of desert is an understatement as there is literally nothing here. As soon as we leave Lima’s city limits there is nothing but sand.

A few hours later we rock San Jose, a historical resort with rich history around former slavery containing many interesting artefacts. Also underneath the resort is a labyrinth of tunnels which our guide takes us into (and thankfully out of again).

Before getting back on the bus, Dory notices a few farm animals in a dirt yard including llamas and horses which she proceeds to pick grass to feed. Meanwhile, Doug and Dave decide it’s time to burn off some energy -Orvieto style- and take to the children’s playground with gusto.

Today’s final destination is Paracus, where we check into our hostel and promptly make friends with the hostel cat called “Panda”.