Team Mario goes Karting

Hypothetically, if you were in a team at work, and that team was called "Team Mario", how would you celebrate the end of a successful project? Obviously by playing Mario Kart... right?

Almost ;)

(Photographer: Lucas Zadrozny)

Today I went Hyper Karting at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park. They've got a pretty awesome track set up in what used to be level 5 of the car park but its the karts themselves that really make it. They are electric, which for a start is a hell of a lot more pleasant than sitting around in a cloud of petrol fumes, but also they are fast. Really fast!

Shout out to Jan who spent the entire last lap trying to get past me and very nearly did! I suspect if the race hadn't ended, he would have gotten me on that last corner...

In the true engineering competitive spirit, we asked if the next session could go faster, so they did. They gradually increased the top speed of the karts each lap, making every tight corner just a little more interesting! See for yourself...