Watch out for that....

Amidst the challenge of surviving 2020, we attempt the impossible- book (and be able to afford to pay for) a snow trip in Australia. Thankfully Mala and I have co-opted Nick and Naomi to come with us, making it somewhat affordable, and a hell of a lot of fun!

In addition to the excitement of staying on snow in the River Inn for the first time, the new Merritt's Gondola is also open, making for a convenient way to reach the Cruiser area without getting wet... Yes, wet. Because of course, its Australia, and with my luck the way it is- it ends up raining pretty much constantly the 3 days we are here.

Crappy weather, coupled with the occupancy limits, means the slopes themselves are fairly empty, so we manage to take run after run without any wait times. We did runs down each of the named slopes, through the trees, off of some natural rock jumps and even landed in some small piles of powder. All was going well until... I hit a tree.

Now the video below features this just before the 4min mark, but if you look carefully you can see me lose my balance, almost save it, then headbutt a tree. George would be proud.

Thankfully I'm wearing my helmet, so my head is fine, but my leg takes a hit. More miraculously Naomi, who was skiing behind me, quite literally trips over me and shoulder barges the next tree, but somehow comes out relatively unscathed!

While we were okay this time, with the only real injury on this trip being Nick cutting his leg open on his own ski- I did learn a valuable lesson for next time;

Trees don't move.