Charlotte Pass-able

After an epic morning of backcountry out of Charlotte Pass, it’s time to enjoy the afternoon inside the bounds of Charlotte Pass Snow Resort. Having just come down Guthrie’s chute from the peak, Alan and I find the snow on Lenny’s Leap to be pretty great and remarkably untracked. We do a few laps of this via Guthrie’s Poma and take some great 360 footage, even managing to get Alan to hold the GoPro for one run!

On one of the runs I see Alan signal with his right hand to some sort of drop off marked by an orange hazard pole by the good people of Charlotte Pass Snow Resort. I saw the drop off and thought his signal had meant “take the jump”, because he was in front of me and could probably see the landing even though I couldn’t. I’ve snowboarded with Alan a lot, surely he wouldn’t lead me astray, would he? So I take the jump, and lets just say the resulting stack was rather hilarious… but I didn’t have the GoPro running, so I do it again!

Turns out he was only signalling to turn right rather than take this obviously awkward jump, but it was a stack (pun intended) of fun and made for a great out-takes video anyway. We round out the day by hitting each remaining lift once (though with only 4 this is much easier than at Perisher). Thanks Charlotte Pass for a great value day-tripper and a stellar end to my week on the slopes!