Port to Port MTB - Stage 2 (Killingworth)

The sun rises on day 2 (not literally, as it’s far too early for that) and I make a solid breakfast at my camp site before heading to Sugar Valley Golf Course where stage 2 begins and ends. After the many logistical and muscular fiascos of yesterday, I am determined to have a better day today however breakfast takes longer than expected to pack up and I’m on the road 20min late… not a great start!

Thankfully I get to the event centre (parking still poorly sign posted) with enough time to gear up and be race ready for my 8.15am start time. The start times are staggered based on your previous day’s performance, which is a system I like. I guess the organisers managed to do one logistical thing right!

Today’s stage is mostly single-track which I love riding, however it’s long at 48km and I quickly realise it will be taking me much longer than expected. The track was good and fun, but my legs not so much. No cramps today but tired and losing concentration towards the end which wasn’t great on some of the gnarlier sections of single track.

I had one stack today, ironically not on a hard section, just in some loose sand. Given my luck of course there were no rocks around, bar one, which I managed to land my whole weight on the bone on the side of my leg. Typical!

I was aiming for 2.5hrs but I knew from 1hr in that I wasn’t going to manage that. I had not taken the single track into account. For most of the race I was expecting the worst of around 4h but came in at 3:31:51 so it wasn’t that bad. Once again my legs are feeling unprepared and while I’m slightly dreading the 60km distance tomorrow, it does include my favourite single-track loop at Awaba state forest so it’s not all bad!

After the race it was a quick drive into Newcastle for a pub lunch with an old friend. The Kent Hotel served a fantastic (and large) steak & chips for $20 which I feel was both good value given my hunger and well deserved given this morning’s riding effort!

Tomorrow is Awaba state forest, my all time favourite single-track, so bring on day 3!