Tour de Snowy Mountains - Day 3

Starting from Gavel’s Hut, day 3 is a nice short and easy one. I’m only going as far as Sawyers Hut, which is 24km away, and the majority of that is on the sealed Snowy Mountains Highway.

I take my time packing up and enjoying the view of fog across the plain in front of the hut and sign the log book. From here I continue down Circuits trail to the end where I hit boundary trail and follow the fence out to the main road.

Once I’m on the main road it’s a steady pace up the hill, which is moderately steep but at least it's smooth and I can keep some momentum. When the occasional down-hill does come along, I keep as much momentum as possible and when I see a sign like this… challenge accepted!

My top speed on the road here is a sweet 57km/h, much faster than I can peddle on my MTB gearing, but what can I say- the extra weight and a little bit of gravity helps! Needless to say I reach Sawyers hut more than an hour earlier than planned and have time for a nap in the sun before my support Forester shows up.

The rest of today is full of luxuries like a shower and a purchased meal back in Talbingo, but in the afternoon I ride my bike down from Sawyers Hut to the Eucumbene River where I’ll be camping tonight.


After my shoes took all day to dry from my last major river crossing yesterday, the last thing I wanted to do right was get them wet again, so I came up with a plan. Before my parents left for the night I got Dad to drive me across the river, right up to the locked gate. This was just far enough onto the other side that I could unload myself, my gear and my bike without getting wet, then he just had to reverse back across the river.

Worked like a charm!

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