Maydena Madness

Next stop Maydena! This is another little country town in regional Tasmania, this time in the deep south. The main point of interest here is the Maydena MTB Park, however the town is a little bigger than Derby and the trails are geared more towards downhill rather than cross-country or flow. In this realm we get shuttle buses to the top for each lap, don’t ride uphill, and never attempt any track labelled harder than blue. Some of these trails are insane!

We started off with a few of the easier trails like Green Room and Spirit Quest, but as we went on and got more confident (partially on the tight berms) did a few of the more challenging blue runs like Tea Trees and Dial It Down.

After a short break for coffee and cake (bike themed of course) we headed back for more punishment in the form of Keep It Natural (probably the steepest trail we rode), Marriott's (with sections of boardwalk) and South Crescent (with a sizeable jump line).

Best track of the day was a relatively easy trail called Scandinavia, but similarly to Spirit Quest it was very flowy and an absolute blast to be ridden fast. My only hesitation on this track is that the handlebars on my new bike are a little wider than the old one some of the tree gaps are very narrow. Let's just say there were a lot of expletives screamed during the close calls on this run!

After 5 epic laps (Strava 1, Strava 2, Strava 3, Strava 4, Strava 5) we were well and truly spent… as were our brakes! Time for a cold beer, a hot shower, and a quick clean of our beloved bikes, which- despite our best attempts- managed to get us safely down the mountain today.

With the Maydena Madness behind us, we embark on a few short walks in the area on our way out of town. Our first stop at Junee Caves is a bit of fun as we explore a few metres into the cave until blocked by water.

After that it’s off to the Waterfalls & Tall Trees walk behind the local national parks office. It’s a bit of a tourist trap, sure, but we enjoy stretching our legs and the view over the waterfall wasn’t half bad.


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