Highlights of MONA

One does not simply visit Hobart and not visit MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art. After a quick breakfast we make for the ferry terminal and jump on the dedicated MONA ferry which sails us around to the little spit of land sticking out into the River Derwent in Berriedale. Even the ferry itself is themed with art, including the seats which bring the flock of people to MONA every day.

The museum is housed mostly underground and its an eerie but appropriate setting for such an eclectic collection of art. I spend half the time enjoying the art and the other half laughing at how some of this could be called art, but I enjoy it either way and I guess that’s the point.

I’ll leave it up to you to classify these things as art or “art”, but here are my highlights:
  • A room of mirrors in every direction
  • A subtly moving grid of glowing strings and hallway
  • A killer fish bowl
  • An old school telephone exchange of random conversations and ambient noises
  • A burnt library of books
  • A dark cavern of Indian Jones-ian proportions
  • An obese automobile
  • Two skeletons boning (motorised)
  • A library of blank slates
  • A wall of vaginas
  • A poo machine (smells and all)
  • A set of stairs straight out of Hogwarts

After our cultural education at MONA, we head to Port Arthur for a Ghost Tour. Although our guide is somewhat less charismatic than we expected, the stories are remarkably creepy and we enjoy the tour all the same.

But a word of warning. If dark places scare you, or the re-telling of horrific acts gets under your skin, or the sound of wind blowing through an empty jailhouse can put you on edge… Don’t let Nick carry the lantern.