The Overland Track - Day 2

After a hearty breakfast, day 2 starts with a short back-track heading up the hill to the Barn Bluff turn off. Given we will be coming back down the hill before continuing the trip, we leave our packs in hut and enjoy the weightlessness of walking with only day packs.

We climb up along the ridge out to Barn Bluff and reach the rock scramble near the top. The angle of this climb is crazy as it is bigger and steeper at the top than Cradle Mountain, however upon reaching the top the view speaks for itself.

Back at the hut we have a hot lunch then head on with the track for day 2, a leisurely stroll down the valley. At only 7.8km, today’s base walk is the shortest of all days so we don’t mind taking a few side trips on the way. Having started the morning by back-tracking to Barn Bluff, we reach the turn off to Lake Will as others are leaving so we know we’ve got the place to ourselves.

After a bit of wildlife spotting (ie. snakes on the trail) on the way in, we enjoy a quick swim in the refreshing water of Lake Will. This is a lovely spot to stop and although the water is cool, it isn’t as cold as I was expecting.

We return to the main track and continue down the valley past Lake Windermere to Windermere Hut, where a hearty green curry awaits for dinner with sticky date pudding, my favourite dessert!

I feel like we’ve made the most of our short day as we hit the sack exhausted, but feeling clean and fresh from the afternoon swim. Bring on day 3!