Cataract Gorge-ous

Having just returned from 6 days hiking the Overland Track, we’re staying in Launceston for our rest day. What better way to rest than bike ride around town followed by some beers? So we hit up the James Boags brewery and do the usual tasting in a quaint little beer garden out the back.

Following from that we point the bikes up the nearest hill- in this case behind the Cataract Gorge- where the Trevallyn Single Track resides in the Cliff Grounds Reserve. The tracks are well maintained (mostly) and a lot of fun to ride. They are clearly popular as we come across a race event and accidentally end up following their track for a bit, thankfully going the same direction!

We are mostly following trails through the TrailFork app and it wasn’t clear exactly what each track was. We end up taking a descending track down into the Gorge (where we walked prior to the hike) which is initially a mountain biking track, but turns into rock steps then actual steps towards the end. Needless to say Nick and I were glad to reach the bottom of that and the cool refreshing waters of the dam.

Once across the other side of the dam we ride the roads back towards our accommodation, however following a street map we end up taking the steepest road over the hill possible.

All in all a fantastic day, rode some great trails, drank some great beers and celebrated our journey with some great mates. Simply gorge-ous.