Ye Olde London Town

After 22 hours in transit I’ve landed at London Heathrow, and nothing can wipe this smile off my face. Not even the 2 hour queue at immigration!

After 3 trains and a short walk I find myself in Mudchute in East London, a suburb which I would describe as a similar vibe to Newtown in Sydney but with the quaintness and architecture a mix of modern and ye olde English town.

Thanks to a local friend I get to freshen up with the #bestshower and then I set off on a walk around the local area to stretch my legs and explore. I meander through the streets of Mudchute and cross under the river Thames to Greenwich, still not able to wipe the smile off my face. Yes, I said under the Thames. There are many foot bridges across the Thames, but thanks to some local knowledge I find out about a tunnel that lets me go underneath the river!

A short walk up the hill to the Greenwich Observatory, just because it’s there, but with a high entry price I don’t go in. I take the obligatory photo standing at the meridian for which Greenwich is known, the home of GMT.

On my way back I walk around the beautiful parklands surrounding the observatory and explore along the river.

I spend the afternoon catching a ferry down the river. I must look like the biggest tourist as I carry my fully loaded backpack around the city but I don’t care. My friend Nuk and I get off the ferry and get on a bus to where we intended to meet up with others, but somehow manage to get on the right bus in the wrong direction. A solid decision as we accidentally end up at night markets where we eat dinner and sample some local ciders.

We finally reach the pub and meet up with the others. It’s been an epic first day, and I can’t wait for the Topdeck tour to start tomorrow morning. Next stop, Paris!


  1. Well done! Love hearing the details of your travels. Good luck with the journey ahead.


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