New Year’s Training Plan

Happy New Year! What better time of year is there to plan some new adventures? Along with everyone else setting those new years’ resolutions (that will be wistfully abandoned by 1st Feb), it’s time to for me to get real about training as well. I’ve already got some exciting adventures in the works for the next 12 months, but there is one specific trip which I will need to work towards.

This year will be the 5th year which I have been camping and mountain biking in the Snowy Mountains during the summer, when there is in fact no snow at all. Over the past 4 trips I have explored some vast areas of the Kosciuszko National Park, including some quite remote sections, and gathered a lot information, maps and first-hand experience about what to expect out there.

One of my aims during these trips was to visit as many of the historic huts as possible, but alas I have now visited most of those which are short walks or mountain biking day trips to get to.  In order to reach the next hut I will need to camp overnight and I’ve decided to do this in the most epic way possible…

Tour de Snowy Mountains: A solo 7 day mountain bike hike covering 320km and 7200m climb, starting from the northern boundary of Kosciuszko National Park in Brindabella, and finishing at the southern boundary near Pinch River.

Now let’s not sugar coat this, this plan is bat-shit crazy. BUT it will also be:
  • an incredible adventure,
  • tick up to 25 new huts off my list,
  • give me a goal worth working towards,
and be a hell load of fun along the way!

In order to be able to ride a fully-laden MTB the distances and climbs required, I will need to start training immediately and ramp up as it gets closer to the planned dates in April. I have written a training plan (below) which I will keep updating as I go.

DecemberMTB singletrackMoving speed > 10km/h10.5km/h
MTB singletrackMoving speed > 12km/h16.6km/h
MTB singletrackMoving speed > 14km/h14.7km/h
Road bikeDistance > 60km88.6km
MTB fire trail loopClockwise, time < 1.5hrs1:02:17
MTB fire trail loopAnticlockwise, time < 1.5hrs1:07:38
JanuaryStationary cycle1/week, 30min/session31m avg
Road bikeDistance > 40km52.7km
MTB in TasmaniaTotal distance > 100km183.3km
FebruaryStationary cycle2/week, 30min/session30m avg
Road bikeClimb > 1200m
MarchStationary cycle3/week, 30min/session
Centennial Park lapsDistance > 15km
Centennial Park lapsDistance > 30km
Centennial Park lapsDistance > 45km
Centennial Park lapsDistance > 60km
MTB fire trail / singletrackDistance > 60km
AprilStationary cycle4/week, 30min/session
Centennial Park lapsDistance > 70km
Centennial Park lapsDistance > 80km
MTB road / fire trailGear on bike, distance > 30km
MTB fire trail / singletrackGear on bike, distance > 60km
Tour de Snowy MountainsLongest day: 60km/1000m
Steepest day: 50km/1200m